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ILS Organizaton

The organizational intent of the Society is to assure active involvement and participation of all local chapters. The only way that the fraternity can attain its objectives, aims, and goals is through the cumulative action of local chapters.

Executive Board from left to right: Rhonda Hoyman, Gary Theil, Anna Skinner, Adam Viney, Lynne Cox, Mickey Kosloski

The legislative body is the Grand Chapter. The two administrative bodies and one administrative office exit to carrying on fraternal business. They are the Executive Board and the National Advisory Council, and the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

The Grand Chapter

The Grand Chapter is composed of:

  • The Exectuve Board
  • One (1) member-delegate from each of the local chapters
    The Grand Chapter is the principal legislative body of the Society. It :

    A. Acts upon all business presented to it by the National Advisory Council or Executive Board, the chapters, and the committees.

    B. Promotes the growth and development of the Society by encouraging interested groups to petition for charters to form chapters of Iota Lambda Sigma.

    C. Receives charges against a chapter for alleged violations of the terms of the Constitution and Bylaws and takes such disciplinary action as may be deemed necessary.

The National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council advises the Executive Board and the Grand Chapter regarding matters of interest to the Society, suggests and recommends issues that should be considered, and suggests activities and legislation for the advancement of the Society and the cause of workforce development.

Members of the National Advisory Council are all Past Presidents of the Grand Chapter and two members elected from each chapter.

The Executive Secretary-Treasurer

The Executive Secretary-Treasurer carries out the directives of the Grand Chapter and the Executive Board, maintains all national records, and collects, maintains, and disburses funds as directed.

The nomination and election of national officers is rotated among the active local chapters. This unique method of rotating leadership insures that each local chapter will be afforded an opportunity to provide direction and leadership for the fraternity. This feature, coupled with the delegate membership of the Grand Chapter and the National Advisory Council, provides ample opportunity for relevant input from all members and local chapters of Iota Lambda Sigma.

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