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Communicator Newsletter

Twice per year Iota Lambda Sigma publishes Communicator, the Iota Lambda Sigma Newsletter. See below for current and archived issues.

Communicator, April 2017
Supplemental NPS Report


Archived Newsletters

Communicator, April 2016
Supplemental NPS Report

Communicator, March 2015
Supplemental NPS Report
Communicator, September 2014
Communicator, March 2014
Supplemental NPS Report
Communicator, September 2013
Communicator, March 2013
Supplemental NPS Report
Communicator, January 2012
Communicator, March 2010
Communicator, September 2009
Communicator, June 2009
Communicator, August 2008
Communicator, March 2008
Communicator, July 2007
Communicator, September 2006
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