The History of ILS

Alpha Chapter of Iota Lambda Sigma was founded on the campus of the Pennsylvania State College on July 21, 1925. The organizational meeting was held at the University Club on the Campus of the College. The meeting was called to order by W. G. Duncan, who acted as temporary chairman. The following officers were elected:

E. C. Youngbluth, President; R. L. Punnett, Vice-President; Charles P. Scott, Secretary-Treasurer.

Thirty members constituted the original chapter group as follows: G. M. Averill, C. H. Bullock, Arthur D. Dean, D. L. Detwiler, W. F. Duncan, T. J. Graboski, R. J. Greenly, H. H. Gruber, J. A. Gruber, J. G. Haumiond, H. A. Hanson, J. R. Hawke, E. S. Hemmerly, J. B. Hill, W. D. Hubbell, A. N. Keller, James Killius, E. W. Knerr, W. P. Loomis, H. M. Mackey, R. L. Punnett, J. H. Rainsford, W. C. Root, G. P. Scott, G. L. Sheirich, W. T. Taggart, B. E. Whiteman, E. L. Williams, A. V. Winegard, and E. C. Youngbluth.

William Penn Loomis, then Head of the Department of Industrial Education at the College, was the first faculty advisor to the fraternity. One of the members of the charter group, Arthur E. Dean, then a visiting summer session instructor at the college, authored the fraternity ritual and was the first person to receive honorary membership in the fraternity.

F. Theodore Struck, as faculty adviser to Alpha Chapter and head of the Department of Industrial Education, recognized the splendid possibilities of such an organization and devoted much time and effort In the early years toward the promotion of chapters in other institutions conducting professional training programs in industrial education. Anticipating a national organization, the fraternity was officially incorporated by a charter issued by the Common Pleas Court of the State of Pennsylvania, County of Centre, September 1927, providing for both Alpha Chapter and Grand Chapter. Through Struck's efforts, chapters were organized and charters issued to petitioning groups from Alpha Chapter to Beta Chapter at University of Tennessee, in 1929, Gamma Chapter at Clemson College, Delta Chapter at the University of Akron In 1930, and Epsilon Chapter at University of Alabama in 1931.

During the period from 1925 to 1972, a total of 1,093 men in the field of industrial education were inducted into membership in Alpha Chapter. Many of these men have since transferred to other chapters, some are deceased, and others have withdrawn from fraternity activity. The list of active members for the year 1970-71 totaled 250.

Through the years, Alpha Chapter of Iota Lambda Sigma has contributed much to the growth and development of the national organization of Iota Lambda Sigma, and the histories of several chapters throughout the United States list Alpha Chapter members who were active in the founding of these chapters.

On December 11, 1930 at a meeting held In conjunction with the American Vocational Association at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the first official meeting of Grand Chapter was held. The National Constitution was adopted and officers were elected. F. Theodore Struck of Alpha was elected President and George H. Resides of Alpha was elected Secretary-Treasurer. George Resides continued to serve In this capacity for 21 years, retiring from the office In 1946, at which time he was elected Historian, the office which he held until his death in 1951.

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